Airline Alliance Info

Below are the six official airline alliances currently in existence, with the first three being the "major" alliances and the latter three being regional in nature and routing options.

Star Alliance logo

Star Alliance

Established in 1997, Star Alliance is currently the largest alliance, boasting the most member airli...

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SkyTeam Alliance logo

SkyTeam Alliance

SkyTeam was founded in 2000, and currently has 20 member airlines reaching more than 1,050 destinati...

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Oneworld Alliance logo

Oneworld Alliance

As the second major airline allinace to be formed (1999), Oneworld has 15 member airlines (note that...

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Value Alliance logo

Value Alliance

As the latest airline alliance to be formed, the Value Alliance is the world's second alliance to co...

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U-FLY Alliance logo

U-FLY Alliance

Based in China and founded in 2016, the U-FLY Alliance is the first alliance to be formed exclusivel...

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Vanilla Alliance logo

Vanilla Alliance

Focused on Indian Ocean carriers and routes, the Vanilla Alliance was formed in 2015 by it's 5 membe...

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