Frequent Flyer Glossary & Lingo

Below is a list of some common terms you might hear other frequent flyers use, or more likely, use and read online in forums and blogs - click on a term to view its definition. If you think we're missing something good, please email us!

7xxAn acronym used to refer to planes manufactured by Bo...more
AllianceAn Airline Alliance is a group of airlines with inter...more
Amenity KitAmenity kits are given in First and Business Class on...more
Angle-flatAngle-flat seats convert from a seat into a flat surf...more
Battlefield upgradeA from of upgrade which takes place after the plane h...more
BIS (miles)Butt In Seat miles, which are the actual miles flown ...more
Bump (also Bumping)This occurs when a lower tier or no-status passenger ...more
C (fare code)Generally equivalent to J, C is a business class fare...more
CodeshareA flight which two or more airlines share with their ...more
Direct FlightA flight that is under one flight number, which may b...more
DYKWIAThe acronym for Do You Know Who I Am, which refers to...more
Enclosed SuitesEnclosed suites are first class suites that feature a...more
EQMElite Qualification Miles - those miles earned which ...more
EquipmentEquipment refers to the plane itself, and each...more
ETOPSThe acronym for Extended Operations certification, wh...more
F (fare code)The fare bucket for First Class, this letter is used ...more
FAAcronym for Flight Attendant....more
Fare class/Fare bucketAirlines use single or double letters to designate a ...more
FFFrequent Flyer - anyone who flies on a regular basis ...more
Flow ControlFlow control is a common type of delay wherein the FA...more
GaspersGaspers are your friend — these are air vents t...more
Gate LiceA term that frequent flyers, particularly those with ...more
GatewayA gateway airport refers to an airport that serves as...more
GDSAcronym for Global Distribution System, which basical...more
GMTAlso UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) or Zulu, GMT is...more
Hidden city ticketingThe practice of booking a multi segment ticket which ...more
HubA hub serves as a transfer point for travelers, linki...more
IFEThe acronym for In-Flight Entertainment, which takes ...more
IRROPSAlso spelled IROPS, it is an abbreviation for Irregul...more
J (fare code)Like C, J is a fare bucket used by many airlines to d...more
Lie-flatLie-flat seats recline a full 180 degrees to convert ...more
Load factorThis refers to the percent utilization of a given fli...more
Long-haulA long-haul flight is generally one that last longer ...more
Manufactured spendThe practice of using points credit cards to purchase...more
MetalFrequent flyer speak for "plane," Metal refers to the...more
Mileage runAlso known as MR, a mileage run is a flight taken for...more
NonrevRefers to a non-revenue passenger, typically airline ...more
NonstopNonstop flights are flights without stops between the...more
Oneworld AllianceAlso referred to as OW, the Oneworld Alliance was the...more
Open jaw ticketAn open jaw ticket is a round trip ticket with at lea...more
OpUpAn OpUp refers to Operational Upgrade. These occur in...more
OTAThe acronym for Online Travel Agency, which includes ...more
PartnerAirlines that have operating agreements but are not p...more
PaxPax is an industry term for passenger or passengers. ...more
PaxexA combination of Pax (passenger) and Ex from experien...more
PIREPsPIREPs is the portmanteau of Pilot Reports or Pilot R...more
PitchPitch is the industry term for the forward distance b...more
PSU (passenger service unit)The passenger service unit (a.k.a. PSU) is located ab...more
PTVAcronym for Personal TV, a form of IFE in which passe...more
PurserThe purser is the head flight attendant on a given fl...more
ReclineRecline is the backward movement of the seatback, and...more
Redeemable milesMiles earned through flights or credit cards that can...more
RedeyeRedeye flights are overnight flights, and while somet...more
Revenue managementPreviously knows as Yield Management, Revenue Managem...more
RTWAcronym for Round The World, it can refer to simply c...more
SegmentSegment refers to a nonstop leg of a flight. These ca...more
SIGMETsLike PIREPs, SIGMETs is a combination of Significan M...more
SkyTeam AllianceThe third major airline alliance with notable members...more
Space Available or Space AThese two terms refer to seats that are avialable for...more
Star AllianceSometimes abbreviated as *A, Star Alliance is the wor...more
TATLAn abbreviation for Trans-Atlantic, referring to flig...more
TPACAn abbreviation for Trans-Pacific, referring to fligh...more
TransconThis is an abbreviation referring to Trans-Continenta...more
UpgradeThis should be self-explanatory! It refers to being s...more
W (fare code)W is commonly used to refer to international Premium ...more
Y (fare code)Y is the fare bucket used by most airlines to refer t...more
YQYQ refers to the fuel surcharges charged by airlines,...more