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Delta American Express MQM Bonus

How to Transfer Delta American Express Reserve or Platinum Bonus MQMs

Whatever you do, do not forget to do this!

For those of you DL-flying American Express Reserve/Platinum cardholders out there, if you’re new to the card and approaching your first traunch of bonus points, you may be wondering how exactly you get your bonus MQMs. You’ve got to spend either $25k/$50k or $30k/$60k on the Platinum or Reserve card respectively to get your bonus, but once you do, you have the option of either taking those MQMs yourself or gifting them to a very lucky and undoubtedly grateful person.

You don’t have to send both bonuses to the same place — you can send the first one to a friend and keep the second one for yourself if you hit that second tier spend requirement. Either way, you’ll want to go to the following link once your statement period in which you hit that spend requirement closes: Delta American Express MQM Bonus. Note that you’ll have to be logged in to see your options and make the transfer.

It was harder for me to find this link than it should’ve been (should it not just come through email from Amex or DL?), so I hope it’s helpful for me to post the link here. Happy status hunting!

Shot of the page where you select the fate of your AmEx MQM bonuses.

Shot of the page where you select the fate of your AmEx MQM bonuses.


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