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Cathay Pacific First Class, Los Angeles (LAX) to Hong Kong (HKG) Seat Review

The best first class bed in the sky

I needed to make it to Thailand for a good friend’s 40th birthday trip, and they were already in Asia so it was up to me how I got from LA to Bangkok (I had more points than vacation time!). While the best way to redeem for Cathay first class has historically been through AA, I had transferred some American Express Membership Rewards points to Asia Miles on spec, so it felt like I had 105,000 Asia Miles burning a hole in my pocket. Sounds crazy, I know. Still, I went ahead and booked my Cathay first class seat from LAX to HKG on their classic 777-300 (77W).

What’s awesome:

  • very wide, comfy seat for lounging – can literally fit two people on it
  • 1-1-1 configuration gives the cabin a very intimate feel, even compared to 1-2-1 cabins
  • great pajamas
  • truly a massive and comfortable bed when the seat is in sleep mode
  • it’s Cathay Pacific!! Definitely a five star product

What’s not:

  • the seat did feel like a business class seat sometimes (aside from the width), due to the small footrest area as compared to various suites products, and comparatively small IFE screen
  • the flight attendants were not the best I’ve had, forgot multiple requests of mine for things like water etc.
  • I actually found myself wishing I was on Singapore, but maybe that’s just because CX gets a lot of hype

The Gallery:

The Bottom Line:

Cathay Pacific First Class is widely regarded as one of the best first class experiences in the world, and indeed felt like a worthwhile spend of my credit card points. While it is great, and I consider myself incredibly lucky and fortunate for having the opportunity to test it out, I can objectively say that it still doesn’t land in the top 3 of air travel experiences. The 1-1-1 configuration is unique, but these days it seems like most premier first class products offer better privacy and a more upgraded feel than Cathay did. No doubt when they inevitably hit their cabin refresh it will be amazing, but for now I think there are still better point redemption opportunities for flights to Asia in first class.

How to fly Cathay First Class on miles

For flying Cathay First (or business) I currently recommend going through American, but that will change once their devaluation is in full swing (end of this month). Citi has all of the AAdvantage linked cards, many with generous signup bonuses. Another option is the transfer of American Express Membership Rewards to Asia Miles and book from there, directly on Cathay Pacific (that’s what I did for this flight).

What else?

Have you flown Cathay First or Business before and have anything to add? Let us know in your comment below!

The verdict
Cathay Pacific 777-300 First Class Seat 1A

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