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Cape Air Review

Cape Air Review – Cessna 402 from St Thomas STT to San Juan SJU

Grab a seat…in the copilot seat?

Cape Air is a regional truboprop carrier with bases in New England and the Caribbean, which basically means that if you find yourself flying them, you’re probably flying to or from an awesome vacation spot…like sailing in the BVI for 10 days. Or you’re commuting…but let’s skip that scenario. One of the cool things about flying any airline that operates planes like this (Cessna 402, Caravan, Otter Sea Plane, etc.) is that the depending on weight/balance and flight load, the copilot seat is often up for grabs. Knowing this, and being the aviation geek that I am, the first thing I do when I get to the gate is tell the gate agent that I would love to sit in the copilot seat if possible — and as of this writing I’m 3 for 4 on that. While this seat is more cramped than the others on the plane – it does have restricted legroom! – it has hands down the best views of any seat on any aircraft. Here’s what it’s like…

What’s awesome:

  • you could find yourself in the copilot seat with awesome views!
  • 1-1 configuration means no middle seats πŸ˜‰
  • Cape Air can be cheap and convenient for making connections in the Caribbean/New England

What’s not:

  • if you’re tall, you’ll find these Cessna’s are a tight fit
  • for most seats, views are obstructed by the wing

Seatlink’s take

The routes and flights served by this plane/airline are short hops, so your experience will be pretty bare bones, but all of the Cape Air staff have been friendly in my experience. Also, the pilots are generally willing to chat which is fun, as I’m always curious what it’s like to work for an airline like Cape Air or Kenmore Air (it seems like it’s a pretty sweet gig!). Also, since it’s a small plane, don’t expect much in the way of personal space or seat comfort, but since you’ll only be there for 45min it’s not so bad.

Which seat and why

This one is a no-brainer: ask for the copilot seat! I’ve flown over a million miles in the world’s best first class seats, and still all of my copilot seat experiences rank among my top 10 favorite flights. If the copilot seat isn’t an option, then you simply may not have an option for weight and balance reasons, or you’ll just pick a seat as your board. In doing so, try to get to the front of the line as you walk to the plane, and pick a seat up front or in back for a better chance at good views out the window.

For more seat reviews from other travelers on Cape Air, check out this plane’s seat map here: Cape Air Planes and SeatΒ Maps.

Cape Air Gallery

The Bottom Line

Fly Cape Air if it fits your itinerary – I’ve not had a bad experience on Cape Air and highly recommend them to anyone making short hops from major airports in New England or the Caribbean. Some of the time choosing your seat is simply not an option, but if you can then you might just luck out and get into the copilot seat.

What are Your Thoughts on Cape Air?

If you’ve flown on Cape Air before, let us know in the comments below! Or better yet, write a review of your seat here: Cape Air Reviews

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