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Singapore 777-200 Regional Business Class

Singapore 777-200 Regional Business Class Review in 15 Pictures

Yes, Singapore could do better, but it’s still a solid product compared to other regional business class cabins in Asia

Singapore Airlines is, in my opinion, one of the best deals in the sky when it comes to point redemptions and even revenue fares for premium cabin travel. I’ve flown their A380 suites product a handful of times on the NRT/LAX route, their “vanilla” first class in Asia and to the US, and their A380 business to FRA from JFK. I had never, however, flown their regional product, so jumped at the opportunity to do so on my way from China to Indonesia. Singapore seems to really value and take pride in providing excellent service and going that extra few inches for passenger comfort when it comes to business and first class hard product (the seats!) – they do have the widest business class seats in the sky – so how does Singapore’s regional business class stack up? Let’s take a look…

What’s awesome:

  • wiiiiide seat at almost 25″ (24.5 to be exact)
  • decent privacy considering it’s a 2-2-2 cabin
  • Singapore quality service, which is to say excellent

What’s not:

  • It’s angle-flat, which is fine for day flights, but skip it on the redeyes
  • because of the seat design you’re pretty far away from the video screen, so 15″ feels like 5″

Seatlink’s take

No doubt I ❤️ first and business class on Singapore, but it’s pretty obvious from the pictures in the gallery below that their regional business class doesn’t compare to their longhaul products, but it doesn’t have to — it has to compete with the likes of ANA, Thai Airways, Asiana, Korean, Cathay Dragon, etc., and for regional business class seats/hard product, I would probably end up choosing Singapore over the others after my experience on this flight. Yes, it’s angle-flat (poor me, I know), and no, not everyone has direct aisle access, but that’s also the case on those other carriers who also only offer angle-flat or recliner seats (I’m talking to you, Thai Airways) in a 2-2-2 configuration on their regional-spec jets.

The service was great (as expected), the seat was wide and good enough for me to take a nap on, and while the video screen felt comparatively small given its positioning, it was entirely adequate; if you’re getting upgraded from economy you’ll feel like a king. As for the food, we all know that airplane food is never really that good, I don’t care what airline you’re on (except I haven’t tried Etihad A380 first, yet), so if it fills me up without grossing me out I consider it a win, and Singapore’s regional food passes the test with flying colors (no pun intended, srsly).

Which seat is best and why

Really all you want to avoid in the forward cabin is the last row by the aisles, as the lavatory is really right there as you can see on the seating chart. Other than that You’ll do well anywhere, and of course if you don’t want someone climbing over you will want to choose one of the middle two seats, D and F. The rearward business class cabin is also a sure bet, but back here you’ll experience more engine noise so that’s a toss up. Still, no standout bad seats in this aft J cabin.

  1. Avoid if possible: 11D, 11F, 16C, 16D, 16F, 16H
  2. For window seats, pick: 12A, 14A, 12K, 14K, 17A and 17K in the aft business class cabin
  3. For aisle seats, pick: pretty much anything except rows 11 and 16, and maybe skip 19 as well

It’s worth noting that as of this posting (Dec. 2016) there are two versions of this aircraft, the SQ and SR series, respectively. I flew on the SR series which you can find here Singapore 777-200 seating chart. For the SQ check out the SQ 777-200 seat map.

And finally, the Singapore Airlines regional business class gallery:

What are Your Thoughts on Singapore’s Regional Business Class?

If you’ve flown regional business class on the Singapore 777-200, let us know in the comments below! Or better yet, write a review of your seat on the Singapore Airlines 777-200 Cabin Layout 😀

The verdict

Singapore Airlines 777-200 Regional Business Class on

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